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We celebrate life, love and resilience! #TransFest2023

We are pleased to announce that this year the organizing committee of the 5th Trans-Fest 2023 announces the nominations for the Furia Trans Awards, which is awarded annually to community leaders, activists, allies and organizations committed to defending the rights of our TransGNB, Sex Workers, QTBIPOC community in NYC.

Norma Ureiro: She is a Trans Latinx woman, survivor and volunteer community organizer at CITG.

Salma Marmolejo: She is a Trans Latinx Woman, Community Leaders and Peer Educator at Northwell Health.

Amida Care: Amida Care is a private, nonprofit community health plan that specializes in providing comprehensive health coverage for our TransGNB, Sex Workers and QTBIPOC community in NYC.

Keyly Rosemberg: She is a Trans Latinx Woman, Community leader and founder of the Rosenberg house.

FIG: FIG members are food workers committed to the total transformation of the food system in New York/Lenapehoking and beyond. Envisioning a food future for all people where equity, sustainability and community control are part of the recipe, from New York City to the Hudson Valley, from Borikén to Palestine.

Enrique Granados, Photographer Copyright © 2023 All rights reserved.

Collaborate with CITG and support our work the Covid-19 has aggravated the vulnerabilities already suffered by many transpeople, gender non-conforming, Latinxs, Immigrants and BIPOC in NYC.

Your collaboration is more necessary than ever to continue demanding urgent solutions.

Congratulations to all the nominees and please don't stop fighting!!!

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