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We strongly believe that to start this fight we need talented people who are highly willing and committed to being part of this fight. Each member of our team brings their own life experiences to our struggle of TransGNC resistance  in Queens, NY.

#RevueltaTrans #JuntesTodesJuntes

I am a trans woman of color, immigrant, sex work and Trans-feminist activist. I started this fight from a very young age and until today, I remain active in it. From the first moment in which I protested the violence and harassment that I experienced with many of my LGBTQI friends, I have not stopped.


I love empowering members of my community, and I currently work in New York City. I like to big dream, and execute clear and solid ideas collectively with my community. I am Co-founder and Executive Director of Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo. We continue the legacy of Lorena Borjas, friend, mother and mentor.

Liaam Winslet / Executive Director


I am proud to be Mexican, Latina, and an immigrant. It fascinates me to be able to collaborate in initiatives that involve my community to be able to be part of the struggle and the history that vindicates our existence and demands our human rights. We are the ones who make decisions about our bodies and our identities, but the state's job is to guarantee our right to do so. 


Being able to contribute to the Collective has allowed me to know more about my community, knowing that I can also give the best of myself and my time to make a better world for everyone. Knowing that I can influence and empower other members of the community fills me with great happiness and pride. I am originally from Mexico, and I am Latina at heart.

Erim Paredes / Office Manager


I am a transgender woman from Honduras and a specialist in the Sex Work 101 Project at CITG. I really like being able to connect and empower the community to the different services that CITG provides such as health and legal services. My motivation to carry out this work is to continue the legacy that our founder Lorena Borjas left us and to collaborate with the work carried out every day by our Director Liaam Winslet and all the members of the CITG Staff. I also want to serve as a guide to other members of my community and give people the tools to overcome the barriers that trans women, sex workers and immigrants face every day in NYC.

Kendry Martinez 

Coordinator - Sex Work 101 Project 


Hello, my name is Jamie Estupinan I am originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I am fascinated by community work, where I can empower and motivate my LGBTQI community on various issues, such as the promotion and defense of their human rights. I work hard to sensitize my community about violence prevention.


I like in my free time, reading, listening to music and above all being able to do a show where I play various characters and artists, I really like being able to participate in the TransGNB spaces where I can empower myself and educate myself. I love nature and being in community strengthens me.

Jamie Estupinan / Trans Project - Specialist


Hello everyone, my name is Levi Aysel Urquilla, proud to be Salvadoran, I am a very happy girl who likes to enjoy life, nature, dance, eat and do transformism in my daily life, but not leaving behind the importance of helping, I like sports I play softball where I am a member of the TRANS-GAY team as FILDER.


I am currently part of the staff of Colectivo Intercultural Transgrediendo as Front Dest Association, graduated from University with the Career of Technology in Tourism Management and Development and graduated in customer service. Proud of my existence and resilience.

Levi Aysel Urquilla / Front Desk Associate


Hello! My name is Carlos Hernández, I am a gay boy, an immigrant from Guayaquil  Ecuador, I love cats and I have one called "Bamby", I have been preparing, educating and empowering myself on the fight and defense of human rights in my LGBTQI community. I am currently a Patient Navigator - Specialist in the collective.


I remember, when I visited the group for the first time and its entire team received me with a big hug, now to each person that I attend, I help return the same love that one day they gave for me. I love walking, reading and having a deep connection with nature.

Carlos Hernandez / Patient Navigation Specialist


I am a queer woman and immigrant from South Korea and the Philippines, and it is an incredible privilege to be part of the CITG team and family. I do this work in CITG and in Queens for Lorena Borjas, who taught me to be the ally and advocate I am today while always being honestly and fully myself. I keep going thanks to the relentless emotional support of my powerful coworkers and clients, who I am so lucky to call friends and loved ones. I believe in leveraging my skills and access to resources to teach and empower others while providing holistic legal support. My guiding beliefs as a lawyer are to be together with clients where they are, and "más acción, menos protagonismo."

Sei Young Pyo / Staff Attorney

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