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The TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective is nationally recognized as a bilingual and multicultural movement that defends and promotes the human rights of the diverse Trans* and gender-diversity identity populations in the United States.It promotes active participation and democracy in every way to impact decision making and full exercise of their rights, thus helpingto build a fair and inclusive society for everyone, without any discrimination.



The TTRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective is a social organization that promotes the overallhealth, cultural and social development of the Trans and gender-diversity identity population in the United States of America. It encourages trans-specific, trans-inclusive and trans-directed initiatives, aimed atstrengthening, empowerment and full exercise of their rights. This allows us to express ourselves and make our own decisionsover our bodies and gender identity, with a view toaiding the transformation of the world welive in and reducing every form of discrimination.


Overall objective

To strengthen and consolidate the social activity of the Trans and gender-diversity identity populations in the United States throughsocial integration, information, education and political advocacy whichallow us to visualize the reality that the Trans* population live and influencethe creation of policies, plans, programs, projects and studies where this communitycan be seen and included.


Specific objectives


  • To create and promote social and cultural activities of the Trans* and gender-diversity identity communities that allow for truecohesion and social integration across all generations.

  • To promote the removal of any discrimination towards people who live with HIV and the right to public and free medical and psychological care.

  • To support Trans* and gender-diversity identity peoplewhofind themselvesin a compromised social situation because of their sexual orientation, sexual identity or gender identity, as well as those living with HIV.

  • To promoteactive participation which involves Tran* and gender-diversity identity communitiesin the planning, implementation, monitoring, tracing and review of the different policies, plans, programs, projects and studies that promote inclusion, attention to and respect for human rights.

  • To eradicate any kind of violence towards or between Trans* and gender-diversity identity people with special attention given to family and domestic violence.


Principles of the CITG

The CITG is definedas a social organization that:


  • supports the social normalization of the Trans* and gender-diversity identity fact,

  • fights every form of discrimination,

  • is secular in nature

  • is not involved in party politics

  • is not religious

  • is transparent

  • works nonprofit


Values of the CITG

  • Equality

  • Solidarity

  • Respect

  • Justice

  • Service vocation

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