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About us.


CITG is an organization that works to promote and defend human rights and access to comprehensive health care for TransGNB, QBIPOC and Sex Workers, by strengthening the social and cultural expression of diverse gender and gender expansive, and intersex communities in the New York City, we seek to guarantee our well-being and the right to a life free from all types of violence.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as a leading organization in the promotion, protection and defense of the human rights of TransGNB, QBIPOC and Sex Workers people by influencing public policy initiatives that support an equitable, inclusive, and non-discriminatory society.

General objective

To strengthen the public participation of TransGNB people in New York through an approach that centers gender, rights, and inclusion.  We work to influence local and national public policies that guarantee full citizenship rights and the equal treatment of all people through strategies that allow studying and understanding the vulnerability that TransGNB people face in this country.

Areas of Work



  • ​Inform, disseminate and defend the human rights of TransGNB people through the promotion of culture and the free expression of different gender identities.


  • Promote the active participation of TransGNB people and Sex Workers in public and private spaces, projects, plans, and programs aimed at improving the quality of life, well-being, and sustainable development of their communities.


  • Provide legal, medical, and psychosocial assistance to TransGNB people, with an emphasis on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, through the implementation of community and educational support programs.


  • Influence public policies aimed at eradicating discriminatory and intolerant actions in our society towards TransGNB people, guaranteeing access to education, healthcare, work, housing, immigration and social assistance, justice, and protection.

Our Principles

​CITG is defined as a social organization that:

  • ​Works towards the normalization of  TransGNB people in society

  • Fights against all forms of discrimination

  • Is secular

  • Is not a subsidiary of any political parties

  • Is respectful of all religious creeds

  • Is transparent

  • Is nonprofit

Our Values






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