Sex Work 101 Project

The Sex Worker 101 Project is an empowerment and leadership initiative for TransGNB Sex Workers in NYC.

Legal AID Network Project

The legal services project provides support to our community on immigration issues and legal issues in general.

Health & Wellness Project

It is a project that enables TransGNB people to obtain information on wellness, sexual health, and health and mental care. 

Free Closet / Free Clothes 

It is a community project that provides free clothing, coats and hygiene products to the community.

Trans HIV Project

Connects the TransGNB community living with HIV to mutual support groups and emotional support.

Trans-Education Project

It is an initiative that trains the TransGNB so that they can access the GED and ESL for free.

Community Groups

It is a safe and supportive space for TransGNB people where they talk about various topics of interest.

Solidarity Market Project

It is a community initiative that provides fresh and free food to the TransGNB community.