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About the Event:

Trans Health Awareness Month is an initiative, to be celebrated each year, which seeks to influence our society in an authentic way using music, art, and culture as a way to assert our identities and connect positively with the community at large. The struggle for resistance and resilience of our human rights as TransGNB and gender-diverse individuals in NYC has been amplified by the lack of exposure to the human side of our community.

We consider it of utmost importance and urgency to make visible, educate, and empower our communities, and above all build safe, cultural and visible spaces, thus be able to project in Queens, the importance of respect and recognition of lives. The event gears to empower TransGNB and with gender-diverse identity individuals in NYC as well as sensitize our local community about the challenges that Transgender people face, such as, severe discrimination, stigma and symmetric inequality, lack of legal protection, poverty, harassment and stigma, anti-transgender violence, barriers to medical care, among many others.

About the organizer:

Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo is a social organization that promotes the development of the integral, cultural and social health of Trans/GNC people and with gender-diverse identities in NYC. We promote trans-specific, trans inclusive and trans-directed initiatives to the strengthening, empowerment and full exercise of their rights, allowing us to express and decide autonomously of our bodies and gender identities, and becoming a catalyst to end any form of discrimination.

Overall objective:

To strengthen and consolidate the social factor directly affecting TransGNB people and with gender-diverse identities in NYC, through strategies of social integration, information, education, and political advocacy, allowing us to visualize the realities lived by TransGNB people and with gender-diverse identities to influence the construction of policies, plans, programs, projects, and studies where this population can be seen, recognized, and included.

#TransFestQueens #TransFestNYC

#TransFest23 #Festival23 


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