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Lorena Borjas / Founder & CEO

I am a trans woman, a Latina and an immigrant, an ex-sex worker, a survivor of violence, and a rebel, and I took the initiative to fight against all those abusers of power, who systematically harm and make our lives and existence invisible. I clearly understand the reality that my Trans sisters face, and that is why I decided to defend and speak out against the injustice that we face every day because of our identity or expression of gender-diversity. I started this battle 25 years ago and to this day, I continue to fight and support the members of my community. As founder and CEO of TRANSgrediendo, I feel empowered enough to keep fighting until the end of my life, to live freely as a community. To talk about equality, we must maintain a clear collective equality. I'm originally from Mexico City, Mexico. 

Liaam Winslet / Operations Officer

I'm a trans* woman of colour, an immigrant, a rebellious bitch, and a Trans*-feminist activist. I joined this fight as an adolescent, and up until now, I keep the fight as proactive as I did from the first moment in which I had to protest the violence and harassment that I lived through, along with many of my LGBT friends. I love empowering members of my community through education and about various topics of interest for us as a Trans* community. My passion is promoting unity, working and fighting together, creating and promoting positive and affirming messages to advance transgender equality. I am a consultant in various programs and with various organizations at a local, national and international level. I currently live in New York City. 

I like dreaming big, expressing clear and well-established ideas that we can execute collectively. In my free time I enjoy photography and I like documenting the lives of my trans* friends. I'm originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

Erin A. Paredes / Peer Health Educator

Proud to be Mexican, Latina and an immigrant. I'm fascinated by being able to collaborate in the initiatives which allow my community to be involved in the history which is affirming our existence, and imposing on the system that our rights are ours alone; we are the ones who decide on our bodies and our identities, and the state must stand behind it. 

Being able to support the Collective has allowed me to find out more about my community and to know that I can do my best and give my time to make the world a better place for everyone. Knowing that I can make an impact and empower other members of the community fills me with happiness and pride. I'm originally from Mexico and Latina at heart. 

Amy Lobo / Peer Health Educator

Hey, hey! I'm a super extroverted trans* girl. I love joining initiatives like the Collective, where I know that I can do my best to give back what my community has given me. Knowing that I can connect with others fills me with happiness. Contributing to change and being part of the fight is something that I always intended to do. Now I know that I'm not alone and I don't want anybody else to be made to feel alone for being who they are, for expressing their gender identity or for being different. 

I am studying English, doing my best to better myself and, of course, motivate others to better themselves. Originally from Honduras, I'm proud to be an immigrant and Latina. 

Migdalia Colon / Leader of the Community

I am part of this fight for many reasons. I'm fighting so that we can be free and to create a more inclusive world, which we all fit into without being judged or stigmatised because of our gender identity or different orientations. I like the fact that I am able to learn from new generations and that they know more about the history and experiences which gave rise to the trans* revolution. Let them enjoy what we have now, whilst always remembering the history and the struggles of those who are no longer here. 

Originally from Puerto Rico, I'm Latina and super extroverted, and I'm fascinated by animals. What else... age doesn't stop us from building a better world for everyone. I remain firmly in this fight. 

Jennifer Orellana / Leader of the Community

My name is Jennifer Orellana, also known as Jennifer St Cartier in the LGBTIQ2+ showbiz world. I'm currently an intern at TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective, as well as in various networks and organizations to which I give my time, being part of the collective empowerment for my community, offering resources and various workshops. 

I am part of the Founding and General Committee of decision making for the Trans Goofy Games in NY. I am proud to be part of new initiatives which allow the trans* committee to become more visible and fight for their ability to use various public spaces, not as a community but as citizens with rights. I'm originally from Puerto Rico, and forever Latina at heart. I love animals, I am a very open person and clear in projecting my non-conformity, but I also like to listen and learn. 

Juliana Giraldo / Leader of the community

I really like travelling and camping. I'm very passionate about discovering new dishes from different cultures. I am interested in joining this great team because I believe that I can help others in my community to achieve their goals, inspire them and make them feel like they have the necessary tools to fight for our rights. 

I'm from Colombia, I'm Latina, very charismatic and honest. I love nature and I'd like to make new friends. 

Alejandra Rodriguez / Leader of the community

I like being an activist on social networks, a type of activism which is not talked about often. I believe in the importance of showing our entire community what great and wonderful people we are, and that together we can work collectively. Being involved in TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective and other networks is another opportunity to be able to keep fighting, to educate ourselves and, above all, to support each other. 

I'm from Mexico, I'm Latina, and I'm proud to be part of this trans-feminist revolution. I'm interested in making new friends and connecting with people. 

Paloma Cortes / Leader of the community

I'm a survivor of domestic violence. I became involved with Trans-activism many years ago, and since then I have come to understand the importance of giving support and my time to achieve great things that allow us to advance in rights for all. I feel proud to be able to contribute to the Collective's hard work, to be part of this fight. Being able to connect members of my trans* community with the Collective and with various community services which the trans* community needs is what drives me. 

I really enjoy reading and listening to others. Presenting myself as a trans woman is me fighting for all those who need us. I am Mexican, rebellious, extroverted, human, and I'm delighted to be collaborating. 

Marcia M. Fuentes / Leader of the community

I'm an immigrant trans* woman and Latina. I am currently on the Advisory Committee of the TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective. I also work as a peer educator with members of the LGBTIQ2+ community. For me, being part of this fight is exciting, it allows me to stay strong and understand that I don't want what happened to me and many of my trans* friends to happen again. They're not here with us now but they left big shoes to fill in continuing to fight. We resist and we demand as a community that our human rights be respected. 

I'm from Honduras, and I'm delighted to help in any way I can. I use my free time to improve the quality of life of my trans* and LGBTIQ2+ sisters. 

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