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5   Slut Walk 2022.


The 5th annual Slutwalk in Queens, NY is a public denunciation of all forms of violence suffered by Trans-Latinx, Trans-Black and Transgender Sex Workers of color, as well as  the social and institutional structures that reinforce that violence. Condemning this violence is an urgent, because violence against our communities is often justified and normalized by our society, perpetuating a culture that supports the oppression of transgender sex workers of color in public and private.


The violence and persecution experienced by transgender sex workers of color includes any actions that causes death, harm, or physical, sexual, psychological, and/or symbolic suffering.


SlutWalk Queens is a political action that demands recognition of our rights as trans-Latinx people, trans-Black people, and transgender people of color. Sex workers demand immediate changes in this system of oppression, machismo, and patriarchy that makes our existence invisible and threatens our rights and our bodily autonomy.


With this march, we reclaim the word "whore" and reject all forms of  violence that are exercised against us based on our attitudes, appearances, and behavior. No person should ever be raped. "No means no."

Copyright © 2022 - Colectivo Intercultural TRANSgrediendo.png


This art represents our Trans leaders, Cecilia Gentil, Qween Jean, Marsha P. Johnson, Lorena Borjas, Silvia Rivera and Ceyenne Doroshow. This art was courtesy of the

Artist - Melissa Mejia / Warmi Studio Copyright © 2022.

Ruta de la marcha  • March route

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