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Do you want to be part of the work we do here at TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective - CITG?

Working with TRANSgrediendo Intercultural Collective - CITG includes a team of leaders and partners who are passionate about achieving our mission. Within this team there are people who help online and in person. At CITG there is a group of leaders from all walks of life. Some of them are experts in voluntary work, community outreach among their peers, health, beauty and fashion advice, graphic designers, news writers and editors. Others lend their support to these activities and other similar ones, both virtually and face-to-face. 

What our leaders and interns do:

- Media support (photography, logistics, exposure, and educational development)
- Graphic design and creative design
- Defence of the LGBTIQ2+ community 
- Translations
- Marketing and social networking
- Correction and editing documents
- Seek resources
- Administrative tasks
- Write articles for the community
- Organise community events
- Organise community marches  
- Fundraising activities

Why get involved with the leadership initiative?

 1. Because being a leader means giving a lot and getting even more back. 
2. Because leaders get a better understanding of the reality of the community and themselves. 
3. Because dedicating your time to others means making the most of your time. 
4. Because your warmth and dedication can lessen the suffering others face. 
5. Because you can contribute to the development of your community. 

Become a member

Join our fight, our colleagues, our passionate friends, our leaders and experts committed to expanding the reach of the TRANS* battle in the United States. Members of our community trust us to work towards our common goal of extending human rights to everyone. By working together, we can increase diversity, celebrate transgender identity, and improve access to quality medical attention for Trans people on a national scale. CITG can teach providers to share new ideas, tools and better practices of teaching and learning in the trans community. 

We want you in our vibrant community!

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